About Us

About Us

Established 2007        Number of members: 70

The ECPR Standing Group on Latin American Politics was re-launched during the ECPR General Conference in Potsdam in September 2009. On that occasion, a system of staggered elections was established to ensure appropriately balanced institutional renewal and continuity. In addition to this decision, two new Standing Group convenors were appointed: Mariana Llanos and Iván Llamazares. During the Standing Group session in August 2011 in Reykjavik, Andrés Malamud was appointed to succeed Iván Llamazares for the 2011-2015 period.

Over the last fifteen years, Latin American scholarly literature has produced major theoretical and methodological innovations in numerous sub-literatures of comparative politics (such as presidentialism, legislatures, government coalitions, indigenous politics, elections, sub-national politics). The Standing Group encourages ECPR institutions and scholars to engage themselves with this trend.

Aims and objectives

The main objectives of the Standing Group are to develop and support a network of social scientists working on the politics of Latin America within the ECPR, to disseminate information about events, publications and other developments in the field, and to improve the academic offer on Latin American Politics to European postgraduate students of political science.

In general terms, the Standing Group aims to work as a bridge between European institutions and the abundant and exciting new political science research being produced on Latin America.

Joining the Standing Group

If you would like to join the Latin American Politics Standing Group, you will need to create a myECPR account at http://www.ecpr.eu/. This only takes a few minutes, and you need not be from an ECPR member institution to do so. Then, click on the following link, and select ‘Join Standing Group’.


If you are from an ECPR member institution your membership to the SG is automatic. If you are from a non-member institution we will need to accept your application to join, so your membership status will be ‘pending’ until we accept you.