SG Citizenship Newsletter

SG Citizenship Newsletter

Dear SG Citizenship Members,   Our March 2019 SG Citizenship Newsletter is going to be distributed at the beginning of next week.    If you would like to share information about upcoming conferences or workshops; call for publications; advertise a new publication, journal article, special issue etc. and research project related to the topic of citizenship (broadly defined) with the other members of SG Citizenship, please reply to this email or email Nora with the relevant information by 4 March 2019.   We have two news to share with you in the meantime: 1. Extended Deadline for our 1st ECPR SG Citizenship Bi-annual Conference‘Citizenship and democracy in (dis)integrating communities; EUrope – and beyond’. Key themes of the event: 

  • Ideals and practices of contemporary citizenship and democracy
  • Processes of community dis/integration
  • Themes and practices of inclusion, exclusion – and the geography/space/identity nexus of contemporary democracy and citizenship
  • The identity, rights and political participation of non/citizens

Keynote by Prof. Elsphet Guild   New D/L for abstracts to reach Trond or Nora is 15th March 2019.   More information about the event is available here.   2. Marie Skłodowska-Curie PhD positions at the University of Aberdeen – deadline 5 March. The University of Aberdeen, in collaboration with the Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie programme, is delighted to offer 6 Early Stage Researcher (PhD) positions, lasting 3 years starting in September 2019, for ground-breaking research on how political concepts, such as nation, citizenship, civil society and rule of law, are used in the world.  For more information about these opportunities, please click here.   3. Please note, we have a NEW public Facebook page. Please follow and share (and post related news and events) wildely!   Many thanks for your continued attention and cooperation.  

Best wishes for now,

Andrea, Tuuli-Marja, Trond, Gal and Nora

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