Best Paper Award, ECPR General Conference 2016

The Democratic Innovations section at the ECPR General Conference
Prague, 7-10 September 2016

Best Paper Award
The Standing Group on Democratic Innovations of the ECPR has decided to award Hannah Werner and Sofie Marien from the KU Leuven, Belgium, for their paper “Why Citizen Involvement is a Story of Apples and Oranges. Studying Individual Differences in the Effect of Citizen Involvement and Outcome Favorability on Fairness Perceptions”. The paper is very well written, polished and close to being publishable as it is. Moreover, it provides new and important insights into how citizens value involvement due to different reasons and explains these involvement valuations in light of innovative factors derived from social psychology and organizational theory. The research is stringently carried out and the findings are important for the research field of democratic innovations and participation.

12 October 2016

Professor Kimmo Grönlund                                    Professor André Bächtiger
Åbo Akademi University                                          University of Stuttgart
Convenors of the Standing Group

Dr. Kim Strandberg                                                   Dr. Sergiu Gherghina
Academy research fellow                                        Lecturer in Political Science
Åbo Akademi University                                          Goethe University Frankfurt
(Section Chairs)

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