Membership to the Standing group

As you might know, the ECPR has issued a common regulation framework for all standing groups. Part of this new regulation is that memberships is now managed through the ECPR’s website. Therefore we will close our own “Membership” webpage later on this year. If you have not done so yet, we invite you to renew your support. We are looking forward to adding your name to the list. You do not need to be an ECPR member. As steering committee, we also have decided not to charge any fee, although the new regulation allows it. We believe that we all have enough other opportunities to contribute financially to our discipline. The only requirement is for you to open an ECPR online account and to renew your SGPM membership yearly.
So far, 149 persons have subscribed through the ECPR website and we are proud of this quick and unexpected support. Do not hesitate to forward the invitation to your contacts. It is allowed to subscribe to more than one standing group.

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