IPSA Committee on Concepts and Methods: call for board membership

It is C&M election time. The C&M chair, vice-chair, and the ten board members are elected every four years, and the current term runs out at the close of the upcoming IPSA World Congress. It is thus time for us to hold elections for the July 2016 – July 2020 term.
As a reminder, C&M is a Research Committee of the International Political Science Association. Founded by Giovanni Sartori and friends, it was the first research committee recognized by IPSA in 1970. C&M promotes conceptual and methodological discussion in political science. It provides a forum of debate for adherents of methodological schools who otherwise tend to conduct their deliberations at separate tables.
For this election we need to elect a new chair and vice chair and even if all eligible board members run for re-election to the board we will need to replace the six current board members who will have reached their term limits. We have a lot of positions to fill so I urge you to consider running. Please be aware that all office-seekers must be members of C&M and that joining is easy, free, and instant on our website: http://www.concepts-methods.org/Members/JoinUs.

To register as a candidate for the board, please go to http://www.concepts-methods.org and log into “My C&M.” On the My C&M page, click “My Elections” on the left-hand sidebar. On the My Elections page, click “register” where you can fill out your biographical sketch and programmatic statement.

The C&M chair and vice-chair are elected as a slate. Information about slates must be manually registered. To register a slate, please send the names of the chair and vice chair candidates along with the biographical sketches and programmatic statements to Amy Poteete (amypoteete@gmail.com), who will take care of the manual registration.

Registration will remain open until May 12, 2016. Voting will take place from May 23 to June 5.

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