JOBS@ECPR-METHODS: Qualitative Social Science Research Fellow, Newman University

An exciting opportunity has arisen for a Research Fellow to work within the Centre for Science, Knowledge and Belief in Society (CSKBS) at Newman University.  Up until September 2017 the post holder will work principally on the development of a large-scale project on ‘Establishing a framework for a multidisciplinary study of science in Muslim societies’. Beyond 2017 it is expected that the post holder will work on subsequent phase 2 grant delivery and contribute to the development of the ‘Science across diverse societies’ research theme within CSKBS.

‘Establishing a framework for a multidisciplinary study of science in Muslim societies’ phase 1 project overview: There is a significant gap in scholarly understanding of how Muslims living in majority and minority contexts perceive science and the role it plays in the construction of both their religious and secular worldviews. The primary aim of this planning project is to begin to build the capacity and networks necessary to conduct a larger scale research study to address this gap. This longer term research will seek to develop a more comprehensive picture of how differing groups along a spectrum of worldviews, within Muslim majority and minority contexts, relate to and form public domain narratives surrounding ‘science’ and ‘religion’.

This project will be undertaken in partnership with Dr. Salman Hameed at the Center for the Study of Science in Muslim Societies (SSiMS) at Hampshire College, US.

Research Fellow candidates should expect to undertake and play a significant role in the development of and contribution to both projects, e.g., publications. Therefore, they are expected to have a relevant disciplinary background and an interest in/enthusiasm for the subject matter of the project and the Centre’s wider research.

We welcome applications from experienced, enthusiastic and creative early career researchers with backgrounds in:

  • science and technology studies
  • Sociology of religion/sociology of Islam
  • qualitative sociology
  • Human Geography
  • related areas of social scientific research

You will hold a relevant doctoral qualification. You will have a record of research activity commensurate with your career stage. It is essential of the post holder to have some experience working on postdoctoral qualitative research projects. Language skills in French, Arabic or Turkish are desirable but not essential.  Where relevant mentoring and support will be provided.

See full call here.

Deadline 9 August 2016, 5pm BST


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