SGPM Steering Committee renewed

Dear members,

The Steering Committee is the group of five SGPM members who handle the day-to-day activities of the group. Within the new framework set up by the ECPR, and the new SGPM constitution (see “About the SGPM”), SC elections take place every three years, with mandates renewable. Our elections took place in August, with the following new list of members (alphabetical): Philippe Blanchard, Jos Elkink, Theofanis Exadaktylos, Lea Sgier and Kathrin Thomas.

Tomas Turner-Zwinkels is unfortunately leaving the SC. We wish to thank him for the great work he did during the past year, especially in improving and redesigning our website. Tomas is staying in contact with us and we hope he can join the team again soon. At the same time, we wish all the best to Jos, who is starting his first mandate. Please note that, whether you are a member of the SC or not, we are very happy to discuss collaborations on ideas you may bring and projects you may want to carry with us or with our sponsorship. The SGPM is not a restricted circle, but a forum and a nest for all ideas that contribute to the development of political methodology.

The Steering Committee,

Fanis, Jos, Kat, Lea and Philippe

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