We are happy to inform you that our jury, comprised of Emanuela Reale, Luis Sanz-Menendez and Bjørn Stensaker has decided to award the Excellent Paper Award to Justyna Bandola-Gill for the paper “Knowledge exchange repertoires: Producing and translating evidence for policy”. Below follows the jury’s explanation:

The manuscript focuses on researchers’ perspectives on knowledge exchange and how they shape strategies and practices translating knowledge into policy. Although knowledge exchange is a challenging and tricky concept, Bandola-Gill manages to contextualize and operationalize the concept both theoretically and as an object of empirical analysis. The theoretical framework is well designed, based on a vast corpus of relevant literature, which fits very well with the intended objectives. The empirical basis is very strong and other key elements of the study – specifically methodology and findings – are clearly presented. The paper stands out also with its internal consistency and the capability to use the empirical data deriving from interviews in a very convincing way. Overall, the paper provides an excellent contribution to the field and it is likely to be used in future research on knowledge exchange

 Justyna Bandola-Gill is Research Fellow in Social Policy at the School of Social and Political Science at the University of Edinburgh. Justyna works at the intersection of Science and Technology Studies and Public Policy. Her research explores the interactions between research and policy, especially the ways in which knowledge is organised, governed and mobilised across different settings in order to achieve political goals. Her recent publications, drawing on her doctoral research include a paper Between relevance and excellence? Research impact agenda and the production of policy knowledge published in Science and Public Policy and a co-authored book Impact Agenda: Controversies, Consequences and Challenges (Polity Press).  Currently, Justyna is a Post-doctoral Researcher, working on an ERC-funded project exploring the global rise of a metrological fields (METRO: http://www.metro-project.eu/), where her research explores the production and governance of global poverty indicators by International Organisations.

Her website is http://www.socialpolicy.ed.ac.uk/people/academic_staff/justyna_bandola-gill.

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