Dear E&D members,

The ECPR is now accepting Section proposals for the 2021 General Conference, scheduled to take place at the University of Innsbruck, 31 August-3 September. The Standing Group on Extremism & Democracy welcomes Section proposals to endorse.

Proposals endorsed by Standing Groups have significantly higher chances of getting approved by the ECPR and we thus encourage members to avail themselves of this opportunity. We would like to invite all interested members to draft proposals and submit them to us for consideration. In order to receive endorsement of the Standing Group, we have drafted criteria and timelines for your reference.

Criteria for endorsement

  • Overall respect of the general ECPR proposal guidelines (e.g. Section Chairs from a full member institution; maximum 1,000 words, summarising the Section’s key objectives and including ideas for Panels and Papers; etc.)
  • Overall quality of the proposal (please, do take a look at previous Section proposals to get an idea)
  • Fit of the proposal with the core topics of the Standing Group on Extremism & Democracy
  • Inclusiveness of the proposal in terms of theoretical and methodological perspectives (i.e. potential to attract a broad range of members)
  • Accommodation of diversity (gender, geographical spread, levels of experience in the discipline)
  • Rotation (in terms of teams behind the proposals and of complementarity with workshops/sections from prior years)

Timeline for submissions

We request proposals to be sent to the Standing Group Steering Committee ( 2 weeks ahead of the ECPR deadline (at the latest!), as processing the applications within the Standing Group takes time and because we would like to give you some time to have a chance to consider our feedback. Late, partial or incomplete submissions will not be considered.

ECPR General Conference
Innsbruck, 2021
9 November 202016 November 202023 November 2020

We look forward to receiving your proposals!

The E&D Team