Workshop: Education and the Far Right
Chairs: Anna Pultar (University of Edinburgh) & Anja Giudici (University of Oxford)
Location and date: Edinburgh, 3-4 December 2020
Deadline for submissions: 13 September 2020
For further details: Event Page

With the recent resurgence of far-right populist parties and movements across Europe, liberal democracy and its educational foundations have become increasingly contested. While the far right has come to constitute an influential and enduring actor in the European political and societal debate, we still lack systematic knowledge on its representatives’ educational views, these views’ origin and development in the last decades, how they are being brought into politics and with what effect. We invite researchers from political science, education, history and related disciplines to lend their distinctive perspective to these questions and contribute to laying the ground for a new research agenda in this interdisciplinary field.

The workshop will be held in 2 half-day sessions, accompanied by a panel discussion open to a broader audience. Confirmed speakers are Sarah de Lange (University of Amsterdam), Andrea Mammone (Royal Holloway University of London), and Jenny Ozga (University of Oxford). For more information please see the call here.

Please send your statement of interest, a short description of your research focus or any related inquiry by 13 September to:

  • Anna Pultar (University of Edinburgh):
  • Anja Giudici (University of Oxford):