The Institute for Social and Political Opinion Research is looking for a postdoc position (1 year, plus possibility to extend with 1 year additional) to work on a project within the general track ‘The impact of resentment, misunderstandings and liberal values on radical attitudes’.

This project aims to understand the emergence of radical belief systems among native majority and Muslim minority group members. Radical belief systems of majority and Muslim minority group members function as mirror-images that may mutually reinforce each other, warranting a joint investigation and relational perspective. This is done by investigating the interplay between majority and minority radical belief systems and the (support for) radical behavior as a result of group position in terms of feelings of resentment, group-based threat, intra- and intergroup misunderstandings (i.e., perceived social norms and meta-perceptions), and the applicability and conditionality of liberal values (such as gender equality, freedom of speech or freedom of religion). This conceptual model can be investigated both among majority and minority populations (i.e. Turkish and Moroccan Belgians). For this project, survey data were collected among a random sample of the Belgian majority population and ethnic minority population. These survey data can be enriched with new (digital, geospatial, text and administrative) data sources. The data is to be analysed with advanced statistical methods. The post-doc is expected develop their own research agenda within the confines of the broader research project, based on the analysis of the collected survey data. In this regard, the focus can be on only the majority population or related to populist radical right/left and its determinants (both in terms of resentment, but also cultural, economic and political (radical) attitudes). So, potential candidates can focus on a sub-component of the project. Crucial is that it is about support for radical beliefs and/or radical behavior, including populist radical right/left voting and populist, and illiberal attitudes as potential dependent variable.

Deadline: 28/09/2022