The E&D Standing Group has undergone different changes since its foundation in 1999, reflecting its dynamic and vibrant nature. Consistent with the Standing Group’s goal to instil new forces and ideas into its activities, the Steering Committee – comprising Caterina Froio, Andrea Pirro, and Stijn van Kessel – has decided to step down from the editorship of the Standing Group quarterly, the e-Extreme.

Over the past 21 years, the e-Extreme served as the main outlet to disseminate news, calls, and publications related to the core foci of the Standing Group, constantly providing insightful takes on conferences and books through reports and reviews. It is with the aspiration to build on this legacy that Fred Paxton and Patricia Rodi have enthusiastically taken up the role of managing editors of the e-Extreme. Fred is pursuing his PhD at the European University Institute with a project on populist radical right governance at the local level. Patricia is a PhD candidate at Queen Mary University of London and researching populist political communication. Patricia has incidentally served as book review editor for the e-Extreme, and our publication has thrived in no small part thanks to her initiative.

It is a real pleasure to welcome them on board and we are confident this will lead to new exciting developments. Best of luck, we all look forward to the new issues!