Call for Papers and Panels, ECPR General Conference 2019

Call for Papers and Panels, ECPR General Conference 2019

Dear all,

this is to remind of the approaching deadline for panel and paper proposals for the upcoming ECPR General Conference 2019 in Wrocław.  

From the steering committee of the standing group on Participation and Mobilisation, we are organizing a section titled “The Changing Role of Citizen Engagement in Today’s Challenges: Participation, Movements, Protest” which aims to provide a broad platform for the issues of concern to our standing group. In particular, we aim to bridge gaps between participation and mobilization research as well as research areas concerning political parties, democratic theory or political sociology. We welcome both conceptual and empirical panel and paper proposals for this section in order to facilitate a debate on the different perspectives developing in the various sub-disciplines and to shed light on how movements, political opposition and political participation are changing.

Suggested panels include:

1.       Do Social Movements improve Democracy? Internal Democracy, Organization and Individual Participation in Political Activism

2.       Social Movements and the Politicization of Diversity

3.       Populist Movements. A New Tale of Organizing Emancipation Through Movements?

4.       The expanding repertoire of political participation: Causes and Consequences

5.       Environmental Movements: Can Citizens Address ‘Humanity’s Existential Threats’?

6.       Labour, Social Classes and Inequality

7.       The Right to the City: Urban Movements between Anti-Capitalist Resistance and Neoliberal Uptake

8.       It’s the economy, stupid? Political economy, activism and democracy


Further information on the section can be found here

The deadline for Panel and Paper proposals is midnight UK time on 18 February 2019.

If there are any further questions please do not hesitate to get back to us.


Best wishes,


Felix and Joost


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