Joint Session of Workshop – CfP

Joint Session of Workshop – CfP

Dear all,

Please see below a call for papers for a workshop at the ECPR Joint Sessions 2020 that was co-sponsored by our standing group.



Dear Colleagues,

The coming spring at the ECPR Joint Sessions, Sciences Po, Toulouse, France – 14-17 April 2020 the Standing Group on Participation and Mobilisation is co-sponsoring a workshop titled: 

The Changing Politics of Gender in Times of De-Democratisation

Papers can be submitted to the workshop by the 5th of November, 2019. 

This workshop aims to move forward in analysing and theorizing the consequences of increased opposition and attacks to gender equality and its advocates. Its focus will be threefold: 1) analysing and understanding the relation between opposition to gender equality and processes of de-democratization and the implications of backlash for equality rights and policies supporting them; 2) analysing the dynamics between actors that oppose and promote gender and sexuality rights (movement-countermovement dynamics); and 3) analysing the responses of gender rights advocates and particularly women’s movements to backlash and hostilities.

We plan to address three larger sets of questions:
1. What are the gendered dynamics and implications of current processes of democratic backsliding, illiberalism and authoritarianism? Are gender rights in decline in contexts of de-democratization and closing civic space? Do we see backsliding and reversal in gender equality and sexual rights and policies? How resilient are equality policies and institutional arrangements established in the last two decades?
2. What actors mobilize against gender and sexuality rights? What strategies do they use to attack equality rights? Why and how are anti-equality forces successful in mobilizing and attracting support from governments and other powerful allies? How do anti-gender movements deal with the promotors of gender equality and sexual rights, do they directly interact with them? What is the role of the state in this movement-countermovement dynamics?
3. What does this evolving context means for equality advocacy? What do the anti-gender attacks and hostile states mean for movement capacities and strategies? Does activism falter in hostile conditions or do we see resistance and strengthening? How are the relations between state and gender rights organizations reconfigured and how does this affect the inclusion and participation of these groups into policy processes? What strategies do activists employ to prevent the regression of rights?

The workshop aims to bring together three fields of inquiry: research on gender policy change, democratization research with particular attention to gender aspects of democracy, and social movement research and particularly research on movement-countermovement dynamics and women’s movements, LGBT movements and their allies. The objective is to work towards a productive and intellectually stimulating communication across these fields in order to facilitate a better understanding of current challenges to gendered democracy.

The deadline for paper submissions on November 5th, 2019.

You can find more details about the topic of the workshop and the types of papers we solicit at:

All applications should be submitted directly via the ECPR website after the selecting the workshop “The Changing Politics of Gender in Times of De-Democratisation” from the dropdown menu at

In case of questions please do not hesitate to contact 

Andrea Krizsan at or Conny Roggeband at

Best wishes,

Andrea and Conny

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