The Standing Group organizes a variety of events, which are aimed at its members but often also open to non-members working in the field of Political Communication. Below, we list the common types of activities organized by the Standing Group: for the latest updates, check out the latest posts on the ‘Home’ page of the website, which provide further information on recent and upcoming activities organized by the Standing Group.


Political Communication section @ ECPR General Conference

It is the Standing Group’s explicit aim to ensure that for each general conference of the ECPR, a political communication section is organized. This ensures that a major subfield of the political sciences is represented at the general conference, but also fosters the integration of the network by encouraging scholars working in the field of political communication to attend the general conference.


The Standing Group organizes specialized workshops for political communication scholars, which are particularly aimed at training young scholars in methods specific to the subject area, such as interdisciplinary challenges, mixed method designs combining media and survey data, (semi-)experimental designs, and automated content analyses.

Events aimed at Early Career Scholars

The Standing Group wishes to help support young scholars in particular by organizing events on topics helpful to those in the early stages of their academic career – PhD students and starting post-doctoral researchers in particular. It achieves this through its own dedicated events, but also through shared efforts with other groups in the field of political communication, such as ECREA’s Political Communication Division.