Winner ‘Robert Elgie’ Best paper Prize 2017

The Committee of the Standing Group “Presidential Politics” is very pleased to announce that ‘Robert Elgie’ Best Paper Prize 2017 edition has been awarded to Sebastien Lazardeaux of the St John Fisher College for his paper “French Cohabitation and the Nature of Policy Output”. The paper examines whether legislative activity in foreign and defense policy vary between periods of cohabitation and unified government. By the use of longitudinal statistical data covering the period 1973-2013 in France, Lazardeux finds support for his hypothesis that cohabitation has a significant negative effect on the enactment of laws in parliament and his research offers an insightful and stringent analysis on a salient topic in semi-presidential field.  The text represents a good example of paper deserving to be considered for publication in peer-reviewed journals.  The prize will be awarded at the next 2018 General Conference.

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