‘Robert Elgie’ Best Paper Prize

The prize is awarded annually to the best paper presented at each year’s ECPR General Conference. The winner receives €250 and the deadline for nominations is September 20 2019. The winning paper is selected by chairs, discussants and participants of the Standing Group from a full ECPR member institution. After the General Conference the Chairs and Discussants should ‘Robert Elgie’ Best Paper Prize

Business meeting at the ECPR General Conference in Wrocław

The annual business meeting of the ECPR Standing Group on Presidential Politics will take place on Wednesday 4 September from 17:00-18:00, in room C 403. The meeting will be an occasion to review the actvities undertaken by the SG from September 2018 to Semptember 2019, plan with you the next projects, determine the future direction of the Business meeting at the ECPR General Conference in Wrocław

2019 ECPR General Conference

During the next ECPR General Conference 2019, which will be held at the University of Wrocław, Poland, from 4 – 7 September, our Section (50):  “Presidentialism, Semipresidentialism, Parliamentarism and Democracy – Reconsidered?”  will endorse panels on the following topics: •  Democracy, Autocracy, and Paternal Presidentialism in Post-Soviet States P084 Panel Chair: Mara Morini          Panel 2019 ECPR General Conference