Welcome to the Research Network on DI!

Dear colleagues,

We hope this finds you well.

We, that is the steering committee of the Research Network on Differentiated Integration in the EU (RN DI), are really pleased to be in a position to now launch the RN DI. We think it will provide exciting opportunities to cooperate and showcase our research around all types of DI as well as differentiation more broadly.

Not everybody who has an interest in DI will already be a member of the RN DI. Therefore, please pass on the info/this mail to potentially interested scholars, particularly early career scholars, as well as interested colleagues outside academia, so that we can include them in our activities.

Follow us on twitter (@ResearchDi), and do share anything related to DI and differentiation that you would like us to tweet, so that it reaches a larger audience as the numbers of followers increases.

Last but by no means least, it is important to flag that the RN DI is formally integrated in the ecpr Standing Group European Union, and we would like to encourage you all to also join the SG, in case you are not a member already.

We are looking forward to productive cooperations with you all.

Best wishes,

Sandra, Cristina, Dirk, Dirk

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