Funding opportunities

Dear colleagues,

Two sets of funding have become available that might be of interest, one regards the general conference later this year, another kick-off funding for those wishing to develop a grant proposal or joint teaching programmes.

  1. There is a bit of funding for those who would find it difficult to pay the participation fee for the general conference if it wasn’t for funding. The fees for this year are as below. If you wish to apply for funding, please drop me a quick mail with a rationale for your application and for which amount/type of registration you apply. I need to receive this no later than 17 June.


ECPR Member £100.00

ECPR Member Student £50.00

ECPR Non-Member £200.00

ECPR Non-Member Student £100.00

Observer (when you do not present a paper but wish to attend)

ECPR Member £50.00

ECPR Member Student £25.00

ECPR Non-Member £100.00

ECPR Non-Member Student £50.00

  • Another round of applications for the SG/RN Research Project Grant is now open. The grant is available to any Standing Group or Research Network working on developing a bid to a major funder for a significant research project.

Key information:

• The prize is intended as seed funding to support the development of applications for collaborative research grants across national borders to be submitted to national funding councils, the European Commission or comparable funding bodies supporting research; or applications to develop innovative multinational teaching programmes (eg joint Masters degrees)

• Funding could be used to support meetings, small workshops or other such activities related to the grant application process

Any SG or RN wishing to apply for a grant should submit an application to with the following information:

• The focus, objectives and desired outcomes of the project for which they wish to develop a funding bid

• The name of the funding body, amount to be applied for, details of the timeframe and application process, and any key requirements of the funder

• The activities they wish to undertake in order to develop their bid, which require ECPR funding

The deadline for applications is 31 July 2021. If you have any questions regarding the grant, please contact

Best wishes,


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