Di Garage

The RN on DI is delighted to present the first three instances of Di Garage, an online space for deliberating and reflecting on all things DI in a constructive way. ‘Garage’ here reflects that we will be discussing work in progress, ideas that are in-the-making. For now, Di Garage will be on Thursdays at 3pm Brussels time, on zoom, and last one hour. These are the dates and topics of the first three iterations:

13 May, 3pm: Diane Fromage and Cristina Fasone: Differentiation and the European Commission

3 June, 3pm: John Erik Fossum: Principles and practices of the EU’s relations with affiliated non-members

1 July, 3pm: Aleksandra Spalinska: Framing European (dis)integration – a dialectical approach

This is the link where you can register for the first three iterations of Di Garage:


You will be able to register as you scroll down the page, under ‘How to join’. Registration works through myEcpr and is straightforward. In case you are encountering difficulties with your registration, kindly contact standinggroups@ecpr.eu.

We are looking forward to seeing many of you in Di Garage and discussing work in progress with you. If you would like to present your own work in Di Garage in the fall/winter, please contact Cristina at cristinafasone@gmail.com

Best wishes,