Submit your paper to the ECPR’s 2017 APSA Panel

Invitation to submit paper proposals to the ECPR’s 2017 APSA Panel

European Consortium for Political Research
Martin Bull (, University of Salford, Manchester
Europe in a Post-Brexit World
On 23 June 2016, the European Union (EU) experienced what may turn out to be the most significant event since its founding: the decision, by referendum, of the UK people to leave the EU. There was an immediate impact in the short-term on the UK currency and various sectors of the economy. However, what is not yet clear is the longer-term impact not just on the UK and the European Union but on Europe as a whole in economic, political and social terms as well as (in keeping with this year’s APSA Meeting theme) the legitimacy of the European project and its mission. The scale and complexity of the UK’s projected exit from the EU is unprecedented in economic, political and social terms, and it needs extensive research across and within a range of sectors to provide any level of understanding of the process and outcome for Europe. This panel invites papers on the implications of Brexit in political, economic and social terms for Europe broadly understood. Papers may address individual sectors or engage in cross-sectoral analysis. They should analyse the past and current situation and assess the impact that the UK decision is already having and will have in the longer-term. In keeping with tradition, the ECPR welcomes papers from Europeans and North Americans (and beyond) to provide a distinctive mix of analyses and discussion.

Contact point: Martin Bull, Director,

The APSA system requires individuals to submit directly through the system. If anybody is interested in participating, they can email Martin Bull directly for more information.

 The 2017 Annual Meetings are being held in San Francisco. Unfortunately, the ECPR is not in a position to offer financial support to paper-givers, but there will be a Panel Dinner as a thank you to participants.
APSA’s deadline is 9 January 2017 for submission