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SGIR has a designated section in the coming ECPR General Conference (Oslo/September 2017. The section theme is Regional and global crisis management: trends, tradition, and innovations. Section chair are Daniela Irrera and Nora Stappert.

See details below:

ECPR General Conference
6-9 September 2016/ Oslo

Section chair:
Daniela Irrera – University of Catania

Section co-chair:
Nora Stappert – University of Oxford
Regional and global crisis management: trends, tradition, and innovations

Terrorist attacks, financial crises, natural disasters, climate change, and health security create renewed pressure to cooperate across geographical and functional boundaries. The Standing Group on International Relations invites theoretical and empirical research on regional and global governance of risks and crises. In today’s era of instability in several policy fields that are of vital concern to Europe and other political regions, the development and performance of both conventional tools and innovative practices and policies has attracted broad scholarly attention. Existing studies have particularly stressed the role of the EU in crisis management and conflict resolution, a development that resonates with broader global trends on changing alliances and the recharacterization of crises and threats. Comparative analyses have also emphasized the crucial importance of bilateral relations such as between the EU and Russia, as well as interorganizational relations, for example between the African Union (AU), European Union (EU), North American Treaty Organization (NATO), Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), and the United Nations (UN).

In view of the increasing complexity of today’s risks and crises, further theorizing and empirical inquiry into potential practical and normative implications of risks and crises are required. This section is interdisciplinary in character and invites contributions from a variety of perspectives and disciplinary backgrounds. We are particularly interested in panels and papers that contribute to theory development on contemporary crisis management, as well as contributions that deepen our empirical knowledge on various actors and practices, for example through the use of case studies, scenarios, and statistical analysis.

Panels and papers should be submitted via online forms on MyECPR. Panels with Papers can be submitted here. Individual Papers can be submitted here.

Panels and papers may refer to the following list of topics:

The management of climate change
Humanitarian aid, man-made and natural disasters, and migration
The ‘politics of responsibility’
The management of health and food security
Non-state actors and risk and crisis management
The Governance of Global Financial Crises

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