Annual SGIR Summer School in International Relations at Stockholm University, June 2017

In June, the Stockholm University Graduate School of International Studies (SIS), the Department of Economic History, and the Department of Political Science hosted this year’s ECPR Standing Group on International Relations (SGIR) Summer School. The SGIR Summer School provided a one-week intensive seminar series on core theories and methods of International Relations (IR) research on ‘Legitimacy and effectiveness in regional and global governance’.

Objectives: The aim of the annual summer school is to  teach quantitative and qualitative research methods in IR and to have doctoral students and research Master students explore research at the forefront of IR from various epistemological, theoretical, and methodological perspectives.
Courses: The summer school in Stockholm provided courses on six days, consisting of a theory session, a methods session, and a session during which doctoral students presented their own work and received feedback from the guest lecturers and the group. Students attending the summer school and writing and presenting a paper received 7.5 ECTS credits.

Lecturers and courses: The following guest lecturers, all leading experts in their field, taught at the summer school.

Stefanie Bailer, University of Basel: Power, negotiations, and success in the European Union and global climate governance

Simone Dietrich, University of Essex: External actors, democracy-promotion, and local government legitimacy

Mark Rhinard, Stockholm University: The effectiveness of regional and global security governance

Jan Aart Scholte, University of Gothenburg: The critical study of legitimation and delegitimation in global governance

Jonas Tallberg, Stockholm University: The positive study of legitimacy in global governance

Michael Zürn, Berlin Social Science Center (Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin): Authority and legitimacy in global governance

Please visit the Summer School’s webpages at​ for further information


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