SGIR elections

Our term in office is coming to its end and it is time now to elect the new SGIR Steering Committee. There are several excellent candidates, one of which is from the outgoing committee, the other candidates are new.

Attached you will find the instruction how to elect. The process is very easy and convenient. It is now open and you can cast your electronic vote until February 13th. Please participate.

Voting process
„„ Log into MyECPR after the election has opened.
„„ Click on MyECPR and the election link appears in the drop-down menu, right.
„„ Clicking on the link to the election will take you to the election overview page, below. On this page you will see the names of the candidates presented in random order. You can also view a candidate statement, if provided.
„„ From there, you can select your preference in the drop-down menu. We use the STV format, so each time you select a candidate from the dropdown menu, another drop-down option will appear.
„„ New drop-down menus will keep appearing until you have selected all candidates.
Please note You do not have to select a preference for all candidates.
Only one preference (first choice) is required to submit a vote.
„„ Once you are satisfied with your choice, click on the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page.
„„ If you click ‘cancel’, your vote will not be cast.
If you click ‘ok’, your vote is cast and your preference is displayed.

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