EISA PEC 2020: Call for section proposals for SGIR endorsement

Dear SGIR members,

We very much welcome section proposal submissions for EISA PEC 2020 in Malta seeking endorsement from SGIR. Please submit your proposals by the end of Wednesday, 27 November 2019 at the latest (i.e., two business days before the general EISA PEC deadline). All section proposals seeking endorsement will be considered based on the following criteria:

  1. Innovative potential: The section proposal convincingly outlines how the proposed section would advance current debates in International Relations (IR).
  2. Participation: The section proposal has the potential to attract a sufficient number of paper and panel proposals (either 5 or 10 panels).
  3. Section Chairs: The extent to which the workshop proposal benefits from the section chairs’ existing expertise and experience. In line with the ECPR Gender Equality Plan, SGIR seeks to nominate 50% female Section Chairs.

SGIR may endorse one section proposal, which will lead to preferable consideration of the proposal, even though it is not a guarantee that the proposed section will be included in the final program.

We are looking forward to your section proposals!