Summer School 2017 Berlin

Summer School 2017 Berlin

SGoP Summer School on Parliaments

Humboldt University of Berlin, 16-25 August 2017

The aim of the Summer School on Parliaments is to provide a mechanism for young scholars of national, regional and/or trans-national parliaments to enhance their theoretical and analytical toolkit as well as receive feedback from leading academics on their particular research agenda. In addition the programme will provide an opportunity for participants to network with each other and with more senior, well established, legislative scholars. The 2017 School builds on the success of the 2010 (Bamberg), 2012 (Lisbon)  and 2014 (Brussels) summer schools. This year the summer school is co-organized with Humboldt University of Berlin.

The summer school takes place over two approximately two weeks. The programme is built around a series of guest instructors who are leading scholars of comparative legislative studies. Thus, a different instructor will lead the discussion of a different topic each day. We plan a series of eight key themes (one for each teaching day of the Summer school), each lead by a scholar writing and researching in that area. As such, the focus is rarely on one legislature but on topics that are typically core to understanding any legislature.

Academic Schedule SGoP Summer School Berlin, 16 – 25 August 2017

Topic Instructor Dates
Interviewing and surveying parliamentarians Stefanie Bailer 16/8
Representation Lena Wängnerud 17/8
Experimental research in legislative studies Thomas Leeper 18/8
Formal models Francesco  Zucchini 21/8
Delegation and accountability Kaare Strøm 22/8
Legislative organisation: Parties & Committees Thomas Saalfeld & Shane Martin 23/8
European Parliament (and legislative voting) Bjørn Høyland 24/8
Interest groups (including a session on quantitative text analysis) Heike Klüver 25/8


Application and Registration Procedure: Please submit your CV, a one-page motivation letter and a short abstract of the paper you want to present at the Summer School to by May 1st 2017. Eligible candidates will be selected on a first-come-first-serve basis. Once the course is fully booked, we will open a waiting list for late applicants. Your registration will be confirmed once your application is accepted by the Summer School coordinator.

Confirmed participants are required to submit an 8000-word paper before the start of the Summer School which will then be presented at one of the sessions. Senior specialists will critically discuss the paper and provide constructive feedback aimed at strengthening the potential for future publication. Participants must attend all sessions and critically discuss the paper presentations of fellow students.

The daily academic programme will comprise two sessions. The morning session will see the instructor providing a detailed overview and assessment of the state of research on the topic with ample opportunities for questions and discussion. The afternoon session focuses on the discussion of two participant papers. Papers will be assigned in advance of the summer school to one of the instructors.

The summer school is organized by the Standing Group on Parliaments (Prof. Thomas Saalfeld and Dr. Tom Louwerse) in collaboration with Prof. Heike Klüver from Humboldt University, Berlin.

The participation fee for the summer school is € 350. This covers lunch on teaching days and a farewell dinner, but not accommodation costs. Details on registration and payment will be announced at a later stage.