Below you can find a list of articles published by members of the Standing Group on Critical Peace and Conflict Studies.

Author Title and Link Year Publication
Pogodda Sandra Richmond Oliver Tocci Nathalie Mac Ginty Roger Vogel Birte Assessing the impact of EU governmentality in post-conflict countries: pacification or reconciliation? 2014 European Security
Richmond Oliver Jekyll or Hyde: what is statebuilding creating? Evidence from the ‘field’ 2014 Cambridge Review of International Affairs Vol 27:1 2014 pp 1-20
Pogodda Sandra Mac Ginty Roger Richmond Oliver Intimate yet dysfunctional? The relationship between governance and conflict resolution in India and the European Union 2013 Conflict Security & Development Vol 14:1 pp 33-59
Richmond Oliver Failed statebuilding versus peace formation 2013 Cooperation and Conflict