Dear all, 
Please see below a call for papers for a new Special Issue of Mobilization and the details of three recently published Handbooks that you might find of interest.  Please do order for your libraries if possible and thanks for spreading the word about these new useful resources. Thanks!

Call for papers. A special issue of Mobilization: The Rise of Resentment: Analyzing Today’s Far-Right Movements.

From Boogaloo Boys and Rassemblement National, to Nordic Resistance Movement and Forza Nuova, movements of the extreme right grow in different institutional contexts and challenge democratic norms. This special issue of Mobilization will include cutting-edge studies of the far right. Topics may include its organizations, strategies, online presence, party ties, trajectories—and importantly—causes and outcomes. The editors, Ziad Munson, Rory McVeigh, and Hank Johnston welcome submissions using a variety of analytical methods in a diversity of national settings. Questions? Inquire at Submit your paper for peer review by October 31, 2022 at

New Handbooks: