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Summer School
2018 Budapest, Hungary (July 9-14.) Central European University CEU “Collaborative local government for an open society”
Summer School
2017 Florence, Italy (June 12.-17.) University of Florence, Dept. of Political and Social Sciences and the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, ECPR/LOGOPOL and EURA Summer School Cooperation with the Research Network “Local Public Sector Reforms” (LocRef), the Municipality of Florence and the Tuscany Unit of the Italian National Municipal Association (ANCITOSCANA) “The Renaissance of Local Government: European Municipalities in Transition”
Summer School
2016 Potsdam, Germany (September 13.-16.) University of Potsdam, Graduate School (WIPCAD), the Institute of Local Government Studies of the University of Potsdam (KWI) “Contested Administrations – Challenged Politics: Addressing Wicked Problems at Local, National, and International Levels of Government.”
Summer School
2015 Spetses, Greece (September 13.-17.) The Anargyrion and Korgialenion School of Spetses and the University of Athens “Innovation in Local Government”
Summer School
2014 Siena, Italy (Sept. 29.-Oct. 2.) University of Siena – Department of Business and Law “Re-building Trust in Local Governments: Re-thinking Politics, Management and Governance in the Post-NPM Era”
17thSummer School 2012 Münster, Germany (September 10-18) Department of Political Science, University of Münster “Urban Innovation”
16thSummer School 2011 Vouliagmeni, Greece
(September 18-23)
“Rescalling Government: Reforming Public Administration and Local Government”
15thSummer School 2010 Agder, Norway (June 22-30) Organized by the University of Agder in Kristiansand “New Trends in Local Government Studies”
14thSummer School 2009 Lausanne, Switzerland
(June 22-July 1)
Department of Political Science, University of Bern “Challenges to Local Government”
13thSummer School 2008 Ghent, Belgium (June 23-July 1) Department of Political Science, Ghent University “Local Government in Multi-Level Governance”
12thSummer School  2007 Turino, Italy
(July 9-18)
Dipartimento di Studi Politici, Università degli studi di Torino “Citizens Involvement in Local Policy Making”
11thSummer School  2006 Gothenburg, Sweden
(July 10-19)
School of Public Administration, Gothenburg University “Metropolitan Governance”
10thSummer School  2005 Budapest, Hungary (July 4-15) Department of Local Development and Policy, Warsaw University “Leadership and Local Democracy: Does Leadership make a Difference?”
9th Summer School  2004 Twente, The Netherlands
(July 6-16)
Department of Political Science, University of Twente “Understanding Local Government: Answering the Major Questions”
8th Summer School 2003 Cork, Ireland
(July 16-24)
Department of Government, University College Cork
7th Summer School 2002 Stuttgart, Germany (July 17-26) Department of Social Sciences, University Stuttgart “Internationalization and the Future of Local Democracy”
6th Summer School 2001 Madrid, Spain
(July 9-18)
Escuela de Formacion de Profesorado Universidad Autónoma de Madrid “Reforming Local Government in Europe”
5th Summer School 2000 Bordeaux, France (July 3-12) CERVL-CNRS, Sciences Po Bordeaux “New Challenges to Local Democracy”
4th Summer School 1999 Abo, Denmark (August 9-18) Department of Public Administration, Abo Akademi University “Multi-Level Governance”
Third Summer School 1997 Oslo, Norway
(July 28-Aug 6)
Department of Political Science, University of Oslo “Local Democracy and Citizenship”
Second Summer School 1996 Florence, Italy
(Aug 24-Sept 2)
Dipartimento di Sciencza della Politica e Sociologica, University of Florence “Comparative Method in the Study of Subnational Politics” and “Local Government Studies – The State of the Discipline”
First Summer School 1995 Odense, Denmark (July 3-15) Department of Political Science, University of Southern Denmark “Comparative Method in the Study of Subnational Politics” and “Local Government Studies – The State of the Discipline”