The Centre for European Research (CER), Queen Mary University of London – A Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on the Future of EU-UK relations (NEXTEUK)


Established in 2004, the Centre for European Research is based in the School of Politics and International Relations, Queen Mary University of London. Since its founding, the Centre has distinguished itself as an interdisciplinary forum blending scholarly and academic activities with projects involving policy officials, NGOs, practitioners, business leaders and the academia. The numerous activities sponsored by the Centre include conferences and workshops with a European focus, teaching on matters relating to Europe, and the production and distribution of a number of prestigious publications.


HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Centre for the Study of Islam in the Contemporary World, The University of Edinburgh

Founded in 2010 thanks to a generous endowment from Alwaleed Philanthropies, the Edinburgh Centre is one of six academic centres based at leading universities in the UK (the universities of Edinburgh and Cambridge), the United States (the universities of Harvard and Georgetown) and the Middle East (the American universities of Beirut and Cairo). Based in the University of Edinburgh’s School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures and affiliated to the Department of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, the Centre is interdisciplinary, connecting different schools and departments across the University of Edinburgh through its focus on contemporary Islam. Alongside its world-leading research and teaching, the Alwaleed Centre has developed a reputation for delivering high-impact outreach projects, promoting a better understanding of Islam locally, nationally and internationally.


Mediterranean Politics

Mediterranean Politics is a refereed journal which brings together research on the contemporary politics and international relations of the Mediterranean and the regions surrrounding it. The Mediterranean is understood not only as those countries whose borders are partially or wholly defined by the sea itself, but as a space that spans the continents of Europe, Africa and Asia. Thus, the journal seeks to act as a bridge between the relevant regional studies communities, and its coverage is inclusive of countries and populations in the broader European, African (North Africa and the Sahel), Middle Eastern (the Mashreq and the Gulf) and West Asian regions.


Routledge Studies in Mediterranean Politics

The Mediterranean Politics book series takes an inter-disciplinary approach which, while generally focused on the disciplines of politics and international relations, also encompasses economics, human geography, sociology, and religious studies, in order to shed light on the interconnectedness of polities and societies in the Mediterranean region. The series takes the study of Mediterranean politics as a focal point to examine the global and transnational linkages between the Mediterranean area and the wider world. Showcasing cutting edge new research on regional, transnational and comparative politics, it provides a forum for the discussion of Mediterranean politics with special reference to the interaction between European and Middle Eastern & North African countries.