Call for Papers – Democracy in Southern Europe in Times of Crisis: Power and Discourse in a Three-level Game

Democracy in Southern Europe in times of crisis: Power and Discourse in a three-level game 

Stella Ladi and Catherine Moury (chairs)

While many studies have examined the content and effects of the reforms passed during the crisis in different countries (the ‘what’), still very little is known about the process leading to their adoption (the ‘how’). Moreover, two contradictory narratives co-exist in the scarce literature addressing this topic. On the one hand, scholars argue that governments have been forced to implement very specific reforms against their will, in return for bail-out loans (Ladi 2014) or after implicit blackmail by the ECB (Sacchi 2014). By contrast, other studies claim that the crisis empowered governments to pass reforms they wanted all along (Moury and Freire 2013). So which narrative is correct? Or, better: under which circumstances would one prevail? And which accountability issues do these processes raise?

This panel welcomes paper addressing this question. In particular, we encourage papers submission studying

1) The extent of autonomy of executive facing a sovereign debt crisis and/or dealing with the troika and the determinants of this autonomy;

and 2) the official discourse of policy-makers during this period.

If you are interested please send to us, before the end of January, a proposal including:

– the Paper title

– an abstract

– 3-8 keywords

– Paper Presenter email (as per their MyECPR account)

– Paper Author(s) email(s) (as per their MyECPR account)


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