Call for Papers, Panel on Eurozone Crisis & Democracy: Cases of Southern EU Member States – UACES 17th Annual Student Forum

Papers are invited for a Proposed Panel titled: Eurozone Crisis & Democracy: Cases of Southern EU Member States, at the 17th Annual Student Forum of UACES in Brussels (9-10 May 2016 – The aim of the Panel is to focus on issues regarding democratic process during the Eurozone crisis within Southern EU Member States, with an emhpasis on the EU-IMF Bailouts in those Members and the impact of these programs on democratic principles. Papers are accepted focusing either on specific case studies (Greece, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus) or more generally across the Members concerned, and in relation to either impact of specific measures (e.g. MoUs specific sections) or of the overall programs (e.g. MoUs within the national ordre public).

If you wish to propose a paper, please send an email with your name, University affiliation (and Department), year of study, a paper title and a brief abstract (200 words max.) to by 26th of February 2016.

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