Summer School on Citizens Resilience in Times of Crises

The Summer School will take place in Florence at the European University Institute from 5 – 11 July 2015 and will address fundamental issues such as:

• How do people respond to crises in general and to the current economic crisis in particular?
• What strategies are developed to cope with the crisis in the public and in the private domain, collectively and individually, and through policies, protests and individual behaviors?
• What forms of resilience does society show in hard times?

The Summer School will bring together young scholars and more established academics interested in these issues through an intensive curriculum of lectures and workshops. Participants investigating the dynamics linking crises, policy responses, and citizens’ resilience will focus on mobilisation and alternative forms of action in times of economic crises. More generally, the Summer School aims to offer analytical and methodological tools to investigate how citizens respond to the social and political consequences of economic crises either individually or collectively, privately or publicly, politically or non-politically. This will include responses such as changing attitudes and behaviors; engaging in collective action; adapting lifestyles; expressing discontent in the media; voting for a populist party; and broadening social ties.

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