Democratic innovations in unlikely places: Virtual Workshop hosted by the Technical University of Munich (January 14-15)

Democratic innovations in unlikely places: Virtual Workshop

Hosted by the Technical University of Munich

January, 14-15, 2021

“Democratic innovations” include popular assemblies, mini-publics, participatory budgeting, referenda, and digital participation. Most of these “democratic innovations” took place in the “political sphere” as traditionally understood. In this workshop, we also aim to explore the potential of “democratic innovations” in other places: contexts that are usually thought of as “apolitical”, “undemocratic”, or political in different ways. In the workshop, various aspects of democratic experiments in places such as companies or repair shops or currencies systems are discussed. It is based on work in progress and aims at providing constructive feedback to authors and to understand similarities and differences of such democratic innovations. For more details, see the program

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