The E&D Standing Group website has recently migrated to the ECPR platform. As a result, the SG has adopted a new contact address: We are now using this email for general information, membership queries, announcements, and publication alerts. Please, update your contacts accordingly.

The next ECPR General Conference will take place in Wrocław, 4-7 September 2019. The ECPR has set 19 November 2018 as the deadline for the submission of section proposals. We encourage all members interested to receive the endorsement of the SG to draft excellent and innovative proposals, and submit them to us for consideration, 3 weeks ahead of ECPR deadlines – i.e. by, and no later than, 29 October 2018. We will evaluate the proposals and communicate our feedback and decision by 9 November 2018. We look forward to receiving your proposals!

Criteria for endorsement
1. Overall respect of the general ECPR proposal guidelines
2. Overall quality of the proposal
3. Fit of the proposal with the core topics of the Standing Group on Extremism & Democracy
4. Inclusiveness of the proposal in terms of theoretical and methodological perspectives (i.e. potential to attract a broad range of members)
5. Accommodation of diversity (gender, geographical spread, levels of experience in the discipline)
6. Rotation (in terms of teams behind the proposals and of complementarity with workshops/sections from prior years)

Send your draft proposals to: