Established in 2007                        Number of members: 154

The ECPR Standing Group on Latin American Politics forms a network that facilitates building stronger ties within Europe and across the Atlantic in the field of Latin American Studies.

Latin American scholarly literature has produced major theoretical and methodological innovations in numerous sub-literatures of comparative politics (such as presidentialism, legislatures, government coalitions, indigenous politics, elections, sub-national politics) and the group provides a platform for lively exchange on theoretical and methodological debates.

Aims and objectives

  • To develop and support a network of social scientists working on the politics of Latin America within the ECPR.
  • To actively encourage workshops, panels and research groups in the area of Latin American Politics
  • To disseminate information about events, publications and other developments in the field, and to improve the academic offer on Latin American Politics to European postgraduate students of political science.

To find out more about the Standing Group, please visit our new website, linked here.