LUISS Summer School on Parliamentary Democracy

Summer School “Parliaments of Europe:

Foreign Policy and Democracy Promotion”

LUISS, Rome, 14-25 July 2015

Globalization, the growth of international relations, and ongoing regional integration processes have called Parliaments in Europe (national parliaments and the European Parliament) to adjust their traditional functions, organization and role to deal with these phenomena. These parliaments have increasingly strengthened their oversight role on foreign policy and to promote democracy at an international level.

While, especially in Europe, this new international dimension of parliamentary activity is deemed to enhance the democratic legitimacy of intergovernmental procedures, at the same time it poses a series of challenges. It must be ascertained, for example, whether parliaments are really effective in this field compared with courts and executives; whether there is an added value deriving from parliamentary ‘diplomacy’ and inter-parliamentary institutions; if and to what extent parliaments can interfere with foreign policy.

This summer school untangles these issues and provides its participants with a map of the current state of democracy on a global scale, under the perspective of the parliaments of Europe, by looking at their powers, functions, and inter-institutional relations in the field of foreign policy and democracy promotion.

Participants will be provided with knowledge and expertise that will allow them to understand and interpret the complex and fascinating role of these institutions. The need to combine theory with practice in understanding the future of Europe’s democracy and the role of the European Union as a global actor is reflected in the Faculty, which includes world-class academics and experienced officials from European and national institutions.

Tuition fees:

  • € 650 (1 week summer school excluding accommodation)
  • € 1,000 (inclusive of one week accommodation)
  • € 1,000 (2 weeks summer school excluding accommodation)
  • € 1,500 (inclusive of 2 weeks accommodation)

This summer school is organised in cooperation with LUISS Centre for Parliamentary Studies, CEUR Foundation, International Political Science Association (IPSA), PADEMIA, SciencesPo – Centre d’études européennes, ULB, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies.

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