Early Career Network

Logo of the RegGov Early Career Network

The Early Career Network of the ECPR Standing Group on Regulatory Governance serves as an international platform for early career researchers specialising in regulatory governance.

The Network does not require a formal membership application. However, two criteria need to be fulfilled in order to participate in our activities: First, participants must be interested, and ideally be teaching or doing research, in the field of regulatory governance. Second, participants must be early-career researchers, defined as scholars undertaking graduate studies, holding postdoctoral positions or being in a permanent academic role no more senior than an assistant professorship.

The aims of the Early Career Network are to:

(1) Engage in career-related conversations which include, but are not limited to:

• Publishing and developing an academic profile in the field of regulatory governance
• Networking, collaborating and co-authoring with senior academics
• Navigating the increasingly competitive academic job market
• Engaging in conversations about complementary and alternative job markets
• Academic staff well-being and managing pressures associated with academic work
• Promoting positive social and collective action including issues related to equality and diversity

(2) Contribute to the generation of new ideas through activities such as:

• Scanning the ‘research horizon’ and promoting emerging research themes
• Revisiting orthodoxies in the field in a constructive manner
• Fostering dialogue with cognate fields
• Collaborating with actors outside academia, from the public to the private and the civil-societal sector

We welcome participation by early career researchers from all over the world, with a particular encouragement for gender and racial diversity and equality.

Please reach out to us if you would like to participate in our activities!

Chair: Slobodan Tomic, University of York, United Kingdom

Founding Member: Janina Grabs, ESADE Business School, Spain