Di Garage

Dear colleagues,

I hope you are keeping well.

As a RN, we would like to kick off a seminar series, tentatively called ‘Di Garage’ (that is the result of spontaneous brainstorming, amongst the Steering Committee, on zoom J). We would like to think of Di Garage as a monthly event of one hour where draft papers could be presented and discussed, and/or ideas relating to DI more generally which are not in the form of a draft yet. The large conferences tend to be in the ‘conference season’, and this is to give us all the opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss work in progress also during the rest of the year, and so provide real added value for the RN, and be more accessible and inclusive than conference are. We also see Di Garage as a possibility of people to meet who work on similar topics but perhaps have not met yet, or would like to deepen their conversations, in an informal and constructive way. Anyone who is interested in contributing to this, either by means of a draft paper (which should not have been accepted for publication yet) or some more fluid notes and ideas, please send a mail to Cristina who has kindly agreed to organise the series:


The mail should include a preliminary title, a short abstract (no longer than 200 words), and the month in which you would like to share your work/ideas.

We very much hope you will want to participate in Di Garage and are much looking forward to it already! Whilst Cristina will organise the series, we will share the chairing between us SC members.

With best wishes from all of us,

Sandra, Cristina, Dirk and Chris

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