Welcome to the website of the Standing Group on International Relations. The current Steering Committee consists of Dr Dirk De Bièvre (Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science, Universiteit Antwerpen), Dr Daniela Irrera (Associate Professor of IR and Global Civil Society, University of Catania), Dr Nikitas Konstantinidis (Assistant Professor in International and Comparative Political Economy, IE University, School of Global & Public Affairs), Dr Nora Stappert (Lecturer in International Relations and International Law, University of Leeds, School of Politics and International Studies), and Dr Andreas von Staden (Assistant Professor of Political Science, especially Global Governance, University of Hamburg, Department of Social Sciences).

The committee has divided its responsibilities as follows: Daniela Irrera will act as convenor, Andreas von Staden as treasurer, and Nikitas Konstantinidis as secretary. Dirk De Bièvre will focus on the Hedley Bull Prize, and, together with Nikitas, SGIR’s responsibilities with regard to the European Journal of International Relations (EJIR). Nora Stappert will concentrate on SGIR’s involvement in conferences, as well as communications with SGIR members (together with Nikitas).

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or suggestions.

Pictures left to right: Dirk De Bièvre, Daniela Irrera, Nikitas Konstantinidis, Nora Stappert, and Andreas von Staden