New Online Seminar Series

The ECPR Standing Group in Political Theory is launching a new monthly online seminar series.

Starting September 30, on the last Wednesday of each month at 1600 UK time we will have one member of the ECPR Standing Group (or a guest) deliver a talk via Zoom, open to all ECPR members, with a moderated discussion afterwards. Seminars will be one hour long. We hope this provides a way for all members to engage with political theory throughout the year, no matter where they are based.

Access to semints is via the ECPR Portal: Registration is free but requires your MyEcpr credentials for logging it. Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to join the seminar. One registration is enough for the entire seminar series.

For any further details, please contact nikolas.kirby[at]

2020-2021 Programme

30 September 2020
Michael Frazer (University of East Anglia), Respect for Subjects in the Ethics of Causal and Interpretive Social Explanation

28 October 2020
Patti Lenard (University of Ottawa), Minority cultural claims and political voice

25 November 2020
Christian F. Rostbøll (University of Copenhagen), Procedural and Output Respect (in Populism)

27 January 2021
Elaine Yim (University of Hong Kong), Why the Right to Collective Self-determination of a People Cannot Support Extensive Immigration Control

24 February 2021
Lisa Maria Herzog (University of Groningen), Old facts, new beginnings. Arendt, natality, and algorithmic decision-making

31 March 2021
Peter Stone (Trinity College Dublin), The Paradox of Sortition

28 April 2021
Alexandre Christoyannopoulos (Loughborough University), Tolstoy’s Political Thought Then and Now: Taking a Christian Anarcho-Pacifist Iconoclast Seriously

26 May 2021
Tom Theuns (Leiden University), EU and Democratic Backsliding

30 June 2021
Alasia Nuti (University of York), Internal to what? A novel account of the task of political liberalism

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