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Duncan Black Award

The Standing Group on Analytical Politics and Public Choice, which is active within ECPR, has created the Duncan Black Award. This award honours a graduate student who has presented the best paper at the ECPR General Conference pursuing research in analytical politics that combines systematic theoretical thinking and rigorous empirical testing. The award carries a prize of 200 Euros. Panel Chairs are encouraged to nominate Papers. Self-nominations are welcome. In order to be considered for the prize, Papers must be submitted to no later than 1 September.

Hans Daalder Prize 2014

€1000 prize for the best Paper presented at the Innsbruck Graduate Student Conference. Email Louise Soper with the Paper title and author name by 1 September.

  • Each Paper nominated must receive a minimum of two separate nominations.
  • Participants cannot nominate their own Paper.
  • Nominations will only be accepted for Papers uploaded to MyECPR.
  • Nominations will only be accepted from participants from a full ECPR member institution.