The SG includes more than 200 members from more than 30 countries .  

The members of the Internet & Politics standing group meet regularly at ECPR sessions and conferences. By registering your membership, you will receive regular updates about the activities of the Standing Group and of the ECPR, and you will keep in touch with other members.

If you wish to become a member of the group, you will need a MyECPR account. If you do not have one, you can create an account in only a few minutes (and you need not be from an ECPR member institution to do so).

If you are from an ECPR member institution your membership to the SG is automatic. If you are from a non-member institution your membership status (which you can see via your MyECPR account, and on the SG pages when you are logged in to MyECPR) will be ‘pending’ until we approve the request.

Please note that membership to all Standing Groups is annual. The expiration date of your membership is listed in your MyECPR account, where you can renew it with a simple click. 

Should you have any queries at all about this, please do not hesitate to email us via the ECPR at standinggroups [at] ecpr [dot] eu, or ourselves (see Contact).


Data Privacy according to the GDPR:

The Standing Group is subject to the ECPR Privacy Policy. The ECPR Standing Group on Internet and Politcs is dedicated to respect highest data privacy standards according to the GDPR regulations. Members of the standing group provide data (i.d. full name, contact information, affiliation)  on a voluntary basis. Members are free to delete or update data about themselves at any time.

The steering committee only uses data provided by members for the purpose of networking in the academic context (CfPs, job information, etc.).

If you would like to update or delete information about yourself, please get in touch with the convenors.