Year of Award Authors, institutional affiliations, and paper titles
2019 Christopher Jorde, University of Colorado at Boulder

“Consolation or Consolidation? Explaining Support for New and Losing Parties in European and National Elections”

2018 Marta Gallina, UCLouvain

“Abilities, opportunities and motivations in comparative perspectives: a study of the determinants of political sophistication”

2017 Andres Reiljan, European University Institute

“‘Fear and Loathing’ across Party Lines (also) in Europe: Affective Polarisation in European Party Systems”

2016 Julia Schult-Loos European University Institute

“A Springboard to the Domestic Arena? Second-Order Success, First-Order Gains and the European Electoral Cycle”

2015 Valeria Smirnova University of Cologne

“To ´comply´ or ´not comply´? Explanation of GRECO´s success in reforming national regulation on political finance”

2014 Sarah Engler, Universität Bern

“The Role of Corruption in Explaining the Electoral Success of New Political Parties in Central and Eastern Europe”

Berna Öney, Universität Oldenburg

“MainstreamParties’ Strategies toward Ethnic Niche Parties: How do political parties in Turkey respond to the Kurdish issue?”

2013 Tristan Vellinga, University of Florida,

“Accession and Realignment in Turkey: 1990-2007”

Gregor Zons, Universität Köln

“The Programmatic Profiles of Niche Parties”

2012 Ruth Dassonneville, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

“Cognitive Mobilization and Vote Intention Switching. An Event History Analysis of Electoral Volatility in the 2009 German Election Campaign”

2011 Miguel Carreras, University of Pittsburgh

“The Rise of Outsiders in Latin America, 1980-2010: An Institutionalist Perspective”

2010 Not awarded
2009 Stephen Quinlan, University College Dublin

“Perceived Party Differential and Youth Electoral Participation”

Thomas Meyer, Universität Mannheim

“Reception and acceptance of party policy shifts in Great Britain”

2008 Sofia Vasilopoulou European Institute, London School of Economics 

“Varieties of Euroscepticism: mapping and explaining positions on European integration within the European extreme right.

2007 Nikolaus Eder, Universität Mannheim

“Why Parties do not Campaign on EU Issues: Attitudes of Austrian Parliamentary Candidates towards European Integration”

2006 Nathalie Giger, Universität Bern

“The Role of Parties: Still Relevant in the Era of Welfare State Retrenchment?”

2005 Imke Harbers, University of Leiden

“Power to the people? Experiments with participation in the federal district of Mexico City between 1997 and 2003”

2004 Seth Jolly, Duke University

“European Integration and the Rise of Regional Parties”