The following list contains links to information on current major research project involving members of the Standing Group, and/or links to online databases which members of the Standing Group have suggested might be of interest to colleagues.

If any members wish to update that information, or to provide additional information, they are invited to contact the group’s Secretary.

Acronym Title of the project or database
CCS Comparative Candidate Survey

CMP Comparative Manifesto Project

COSPAL Political Party Leaders

CSES Comparative Study of Electoral Systems

DPI Databases of Political Institutions

Databases of Political Institutions

ECPR PDY ECPR Political Data Yearbook

EES European Election Studies

ELECVOL Dataset of Electoral Volatility and its internal components in Western Europe (1945-2015)

ENPP Effective Number of Political Parties

EPRG European Parliament research group

ERDDA Governments in Europe / European Representative Democracy / Comparative Parliamentary Democracy / Nordic Politics

ESCE Electoral System Change in Europe since 1945

EVP True European Voter Project

GED Global Elections Database

GOG Quality of Governance

Quality of governance

ICPSR Comparative Political Parties Data 1950-1962

IDEA International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance

KATZ&MAIR Katz-Mair (1992) Party Organizational Data

MAPP Members and Activists of Political Parties

P&E Parties and Elections. The database about parliamentary elections and political parties in Europe

PAIRDEM Party-Interest Group Relationships in Contemporary Democracies

ParlGov Parliaments and Governments Database

PARLINE Database on national parliaments

PARTYLAW Party Law in Modern Europe. The Legal Regulation of Political Parties in Post-War Europe

PARTYPOLICY Party Policy in Modern Democracies

PDBA Political Database of the Americas

PPDB Political Party Database

PSEPHOS Data Archive of electoral information

V-DEM Varieties of Democracy

WHO Governs Party Systems and Governments Observatory