Section on DI at SGEU conference

Dear colleagues,

I hope you are keeping well.

This is just a quick reminder that from Thu-Sat this week, there is the SGEU bi-annual conference (originally due to take place last year in Rome). Frank Schimmelfennig and Funda Tekin have put together an impressive section on ‘Integration, Differentiation and Fragmentation in Europe’ (Section Nr S01) with seven panels as per below. You need to have registered to be able to attend. If wanting to attend a panel, you need to add that specific panel to your itininerary.

I hope you all enjoy the programme and have stimulating exchanges. I’ll send another mail about a couple of other things later today.

Best wishes,


P021Differentiation and (Dis)integrationView Panel Details
P036EU Differentiated Integration: Evolution, Narratives and ConceptsView Panel Details
P089Democratic Challenges of Differentiated (Dis)IntegrationView Panel Details
P092Roundtable: Overcoming Differentiation and the Development of EU Core State PowersView Panel Details
P124The Multi-Dimensional Dynamics of the Polish-German Relationship. Towards a New Framework of Analysis.View Panel Details
P125The Organisation of Differentiated Integration in the Context of the Poly-CrisisView Panel Details
P133Theorizing and Comparing European Governance

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