Political Theory Section, 2015 General Conference

The 2015 ECPR General Conference will be held in Montreal, Canada, between August 26 and August 29.

The Standing Group in Political Theory intends to convene a general political theory ‘section’, consisting of approximately 8 panels. The Standing Group is keen to include contributions from all areas of political theory, and from political theorists at all stages of their careers.

If you intend to propose a panel for the conference, please could you contact andrew.shorten@ul.ie before November 10, so that I can include a provisional list of panel titles/themes in the section description? At this point in time, all I need is a proposed theme/title and the name of a panel chair.

After the section is approved by the ECPR, there will be a further call for panels and papers (between December 2 and February 16). During this period, additional panels may be submitted to the section, and panel chairs will need to submit abstracts for the 4-5 papers included in their panels.

The ECPR’s procedures are summarised here: http://ecpr.eu/Events/Content.aspx?ID=76&EventID=94

Details about the conference are available here: http://ecpr.eu/Events/EventDetails.aspx?EventID=94

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