This survey seeks to advance our understanding on the role and relevance of pedagogy and learning design in improving internationalization and boosting international student experience and student success at European universities. To this goal, we have developed this two-part questionnaire, with each question aiming to explore the factors that contribute to effective learning outcomes and identify the best teaching practices that make this objective attainable.

Filling in the survey under PART A should take around 10-15 minutes. PART B invites participants to pitch their best teaching practices for international students in a more detailed and structured manner. Completing this part asks the participants to upload a description of their teaching experience, and it will automatically add them to an internal competition at the end of which the most relevant and innovative proposals will be shortlisted and their authors invited to develop their pitch into teaching models and shared online in a best practice repository. Up to ten selected candidates will be remunerated with €400 (each) for their effort. Out of these, three individuals will be invited to present their teaching models at the 5th European Conference on Teaching and Learning (EuroTLC), which is planned to take place in Bratislava in June 2022.

Please note, you can opt to complete either Part A or Part B. The survey is extended until 18 September 2020. Part B is to be submitted by email to Silviu Piros:

The survey data will be used to write a study on the topic of enhancing internationalization and student learning experience. Also, they will be used to showcase examples of good practice while supporting learning in international classes.

Privacy notice:

This survey is carried out as part of the project IMPACT Improving academic teaching and internationalization through enhanced competences of university teachers. Erasmus+ Strategic partnerships 2019-1-SK01-KA203-060671. The survey data is being collected by the ECPR, and will be shared with the project team. While processing data, personal information such as the names, institutions, etc. will not be shared with any additional parties and all individuals who provide their data in Part B will be asked for their permission before publishing any part from their description of teaching practice.

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