Standing Group news

At the ECPR General Conference in Oslo we held a business meeting to discuss the development of the Standing Group. You can find the minutes under the ‘Resources’ tab. Please let us know in case you have any queries, comments or proposals.

We are currently renewing our website and encourage you to submit news about interesting activities, publications, events, job openings, etc. Please also suggest ideas for how the website can be further developed.

If you have an interest in interpretive work, please become a member of the Standing Group. You can register through your MyECPR account, or if you don’t have a MyECPR account, you can easily make one here: The SG is a very important platform in the Political and Policy Science Community. The ECPR is the premier political science organization in Europe. A Standing Group provides visibility and authority to the field of interpretive and critical policy studies. Important conferences and sections in conferences are organized through the SG. The SG is a medium to make your publications and activities visible to a large group of colleagues. The SG can also apply for funds for various academic activities.

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