Best Paper Award

Best Paper Award

The 2017 Prize for Best Paper is awarded annually for the best paper presented at the ECPR General Conference.  It is given to a paper that makes a substantial contribution to the field of Presidential Politics, both in terms of its originality and its academic excellence.

After the General Conference the chairs, discussants and participants of SG on Presidential Politics will be asked to nominate a paper. Chairs and Discussants should email members of the Steering Committee with the name of the paper author, paper number and title in question.

To be eligible for consideration for the prize, each nomination must be supported by one chair or discussant (or two conference participants). The nominations will be accepted for papers for which electronic copies were submitted to the conference and nominations will only be accepted from scholars from a full ECPR member institution.

The 2017 Presidential Politics prize is €250 and the deadline for nominations is 15 September 2017.

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